Laura and Jackson / August 18, 2018 / Le Vignoble de Chelsea


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How can we not fall in love with this wedding? Laura and Jackson's big day was truly one for the books for us here at Mocha Tree Studios.

Laura and Jackson's wedding day began with us photographing them at their getting ready locations in Wakefield, Quebec. As many of you know, Wakefield is such a dreamy little town, and it was a perfect setting for these two to start their big day. With five bridesmaids and five groomsmen, the energy was high, and the shenanigans were afoot! Theirs is the kind of wedding party we would wish for every couple: everyone was super sweet and helpful, but also really, really fun to be around! Just check out those photos of the ladies on the bed with champagne glasses on hand!

After their getting-ready, we headed to one of our favourite spots: the Wakefield's Red Covered Bridge. The length of the bridge lends well to a "first look." With the wedding party kindly asking bystanders to give Laura and Jackson a few minutes alone, these two were able to see each other before the ceremony. Then, came the puppies. Quick story: a couple of days before the wedding, we get a call from Emma (Laura's MOH) telling me about this crazy surprise idea. Like many of our couples, Jackson and Laura are crazy about dogs; and having just recently lost their dog, Emma and the gang thought it would be a perfect surprise. And it was! Midway through our shoot, ten husky puppies provided by our friends at Ottawa Puppy Yoga were released on the covered bridge. They were adorable, fluffy, and so full of energy! After taking some photos with the pups, we will literally ended-up with a pile of super tired and mostly sleeping huskies!

On to the ceremony and reception! Laura and Jackson had a beautiful outdoor ceremony followed by more wedding party and family photos on the venue grounds. With that afternoon summer light, coupled with the vineyard as our backdrop, we got some pretty sweet California-esque scenes! Dinner was delicious, with speeches - tear jerkers and hilarious ones - weaved in throughout the night. Laura and Jackson are easily some of the best dancers we have seen in the many wedding we've shot. It helps of course that Laura was a cheerleader and that Jackson is, well, he's just a good dancer!

Laura and Jackson, you guys are adorable and so kind. We loved every moment we were at your wedding. Thank you for trusting us to capture your big day! We wish you both several lifetimes of happiness and adventures, now with your adorable puppy, Otto!

Thank you to the following wedding vendors who made Laura and Jackson's big day possible:

The Groom’s Side

The Bride’s Side

The First Look

Wedding Party Portraits and Puppies

Laura and Jackson Vignoble de Chelsea Wedding Ottawa

The Ceremony

The Dinner & Dance

*Aprils Fools!!!! Puppies are most definitely not included in any of our packages. :P Thank you for being a great sport.

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