Kaitlyn and Brent / October 13, 2018 / All Saints Event Space / SAME DAY EDIT

Kaitlyn and Brent decided to surprise their guests with a same day edit video for all of the guests who couldn’t be a part of the whole day! It truly was a touching gesture to show their massive audience what it took to make their day come true, the getting ready, ceremony, toast (or two!), and all the little moments in between, like the homage paid to Kaitlyn’s grandfather, Brent’s special moment atop the church balcony, and the surprise special entrance by Kaitlyn’s Uncle in full uniform!


The day was full of excitement, laughs, a little nerves, but most of all love. Every guest watching the same day edit could not hold back the tears from seeing their love for one another, not even the vendors (or me!)


See the video and full reaction below!

Same day edits are an amazing touch and I wish more couples would choose that option! It’s full of excitement and really gives couples a chance to take a pause, grab a seat, a glass of wine, enjoy and soak in the culmination of their day – you’re finally married! I always hear couples reflecting on the day and they always say it blurred by so fast, they barely remember everything that happened!


Some important things to note when requesting Same Day Edits, you need at least 2 videographers going at all times! While one person is editing away for a few hours, the other(s) are still capturing all the moments between the couple, wedding party, guests, and speeches! Of course we want to deliver those after the wedding day to fully capture everything that happened.


Another must to get everything timed perfectly is a wedding planner! They are invaluable for ensuring everything is coordinated and on time, but extra important for a Same Day Edit. They’ll help with getting vendors to coordinate such as the videographer’s film, the DJs sound system, the AV’s projectors/TVs, a comfortable viewing area for the wedding party, etc. All of these are required for a enjoyable viewing experience that the couple can cherish for a lifetime.


Finally, having a Videography Studio is important, one that has the style that resonates with you, but also one that you trust, that you can be comfortable around, and that can put their professional artistic work to your vision. We are so ecstatic and honoured that Kaitlyn and Brent chose us for their wedding day and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat! 

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