How to find the right wedding videographer for you!

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Last week, we talked about why you should hire a wedding videographer for your big day. This week, we will go over what you should be looking for when hiring a wedding videographer. 

Wedding videography and videographers in general have come a long way since your aunt or uncle's shaky handheld camcorder or the 6-hour one angle, stationary camera setup in the corner. The wedding film industry has evolved so much that wedding videos now look like epic movie trailers, with captivating story lines, beautiful characters (you, of course!), and amazing music to set the tone. 

There are sooooo many types and styles of wedding videography,  how do I pick the right videographer, you ask? Below are six things you should be looking for when hiring a wedding videographer. 

1. How do they describe their style

When looking for a videographer, make sure to look for words like "cinematic", and "film" instead of "videotaping", or "camcorder."

Let's face it, hearing the words "videotaping" or "camcorder" reminds you of the 1990s. Most contemporary videographers will set themselves apart from the old-school way of capturing your big day by using words that represent their modern style and approach to their craft. Pay attention to the language they use when describing their work or method. Everything they say on their website should yell: "professional!!" If they do not put in any effort to their branding, that may reflect their attitude towards their filmmaking style as well. Adjectives like lush, lavish, natural, picturesque, vivid, and photojournalistic are all great adjectives that will help paint a picture of their film style and what your wedding day will be like!

2. Watch their work!

A videographer's website usually hosts their best work, and the first video you can click on should reflect that. 

The best and easiest way to tell if a videographer is right for you is simply watch their work. If their portfolio brings you to tears, make you feel excited, or pump up for your big day, then that might be the videographer for you! You want a videographer who can move you, make you feel things about your day, tell a meaningful story. 

Pay attention to the audio, too! Some couples, for example, prefer that there be audio overlays to the clip (like speeches and vows), while others simply want music in the background. As mentioned in our previous blog post, videography has the ability to awaken other senses (like hearing) that photography cannot, so make sure that you are mindful of the kind of audio you get. 

3. How does everything flow?

How does the wedding film flow with the scenes and music? Is the clip linear or non-linear? Do the music match with the mood of the scenes? How is pacing employed in the clips - is it fast or slow?

Seamless flow is essential in a cohesive story-telling, and without it, your wedding film can feel disjointed. You know when you watch a bad movie, and the scenes start or end abruptly? That is what we mean by flow. Your wedding film should have smooth transitions from different scenes and events. The film does not necessarily have to be linear in storytelling, but it should flow effortlessly in its depicting the scenes of your big day!

4. Style and approach

Do you like wedding films that are dramatic, comedic, bright & airy, or movie-esque?

The style of videography is a very personal choice and should always match what you have planned for the day in terms of photographer, decor, your personality, and your partner's style. A good way to know what film style you are into is to reflect on the type of movies or film you like. We had a client, for example, tell us that they want their film to seem like scenes from the Netflix show, Riverdale. Ultimately, you want to ask yourself: how do you want you to see or remember you wedding when you watch your film twenty years from now! 

Another aspect of style you want to consider is how you want your wedding film to match the style of your photographer. This can easily be accomplished by comparing your photographer's photos with the videographer's films. If they look like they could have been shot by the same person, that's a match! The last thing you want is to have cinematic videography paired with a bright and airy photographer! Consistency in both photography and videography is key when capturing your happiest day. As we like to say, videography and photography should complement and not contradict each other. Studios that do both are almost always guaranteed to have the same style, with videography and photography working hand-in-hand to tell your wedding day story. 

5. Does the videographer play well with others?

An advantage to hiring a videographer from the same studio as the photographer is that working together will feel second nature. When hiring a videographer, ask how he/she works with other photographers. 

Your videographer will be around you just as much as your photographer, so it is important that there is chemistry between them. They are responsible for capturing your day (with multiple angles) and also share the space, time, and angles with your photographer(s)! That means potentially having 4+ cameras on you and your wedding party! Ask how they work with photographers in the past; good videographers have a set plan for tackling low energy times like the getting ready shots (they can take turns). For fast, important shots like the walking down the aisle, good videographers will have multiple cameras stationed or manned and also coordinate with their photographers ahead of time to not get in each other's way. They can accomplish this by either shooting side-by-side or never being across from each other.

If there are other important things to look for in a videographer, let us know in the comments down below! 

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