Tara + Jason at Ottawa's Dominion Arboretum

I am happy to count Tara and Jason among my good friends here in Ottawa. Michael and I have been welcomed to their countless wine and cheese parties, their annual summer pool party, and I have played two intense seasons of dodge-ball with them. There are couples that you meet and immediately know that they are perfect for each other - Tara and Jason are exactly that!

Both of them have been looking forward to this shoot since they got engaged in the spring. They wanted photos that they can use for their 'save the date' card and I think we created some fantastic ones here. You can't tell from the photos, but Tara was actually getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. She was a such a trooper and Jason was there to swat them away until help came in the form of bug spray. 

And check out that ring - it is heavy enough to sink anyone to the bottom of the Ottawa River! I am so happy for you both!

Ottawa Dominion Arboretum, Tara+Jason.jpg