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Our Promise To You

Stunning photographs. Candid scenes. Your biggest cheerleaders. 


Like you and your fiance(e), we also recently got engaged! Now in the midst of planning our wedding and having photographed and filmed so many weddings ourselves, we fully understand how planning your big day can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time!

If you are like us, you probably worry about whether your guests will have fun, whether the vendors will deliver, or will it rain? You will worry about how "natural" you look in your photos or whether you are smiling "correctly" for the film. These are only some of the things that, like you, make us nervous about our wedding day. 

For these reasons, it is our ultimate goal to make your wedding as carefree as possible. We believe that your comfort is paramount in creating fantastic wedding photographs and films. As your photographer and cinematographer, we will be the ones who will worry about how flattering the light is on you, where your photos and film will be taken, how relaxed and genuine you look. For you, we will capture the tears and laughter, your first kiss, and your killer dance moves. We will do a coffee-run if its means you and the people around you will have the energy to create amazing images in your magical day. We will be your biggest advocate. 

If you and your fiance(e) value the importance of photography and film in telling your journey, of which your wedding day is a milestone, get in touch with us! We are excited to work with you to tell your love story. 

A million pictures


Lysa and Alex
Greyhawk Gold Club, Cumberland, ON


We care deeply about romantic story telling. We believe that your personality is key to creating wedding films that are timeless. Every couple is unique and every film should be a true reflection of your own wedding story. Your film is custom built from the ground up, with thorough hours of post-production work. We work tirelessly until every frame is placed, graded, and mixed; until your wedding day film becomes your lifelong treasure. 

In our wedding films, we believe in purposeful shots, natural movements, and stunningly lighted scenes. Our creative team takes great pride in staying low-key, non-invasive, and out of the way of you and your guests. 

Once the day is done, the flowers have wilted, the food has been eaten, & the music fades away, your film - along with your photography - is the only thing from your wedding day that will increase in value as time goes on. 


Now Booking 2019-2020 Weddings


We feel it is important to be on the same wavelength as our couples! If you are considering us as your photographer/videographer, we would love to meet with you over coffee and chat about your wedding ideas and vision for the big day. Alternatively, if you are a little further away, we can arrange a Skype call. No distance is too far. :)

We are now booking for 2019 Wedding Season, and we have limited dates left for 2018! All collections include a complimentary engagement session, fully-edited and beautiful images, full printing rights and more. Wedding collections start at $300. 


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