"I still get comments at work that the pictures look like they're from a movie. Again we are very happy with them. You have a good eye for photography!"

- Phil and Sophie | August 2016 (see their photos!)
"Jeremiah and I saw a sneak peak on your facebook page and it looks AMAZING! We really appreciate all of the hard work you did with everything from the engagement shoot to wrangling our crazy families."

- Katherine & Jeremiah | September 2016 (see their photos!)
"Sheen, thank you very much for the incredible job that you did at our wedding. You are an amazing and talented photographer. Thank you for going above and beyond what we would ever ever expect from someone in the photography field."

- Mary-Vic and Drew | September 2016 (see their photos!)
"We are so in love with the photos. You caught the spirit of the night - all the hugs, dancing, kisses and laughs. It's so great and the photos are a ton of fun. We have massive smiles on our faces reliving the night."
- Alexandra and Shane | August 2016 (see their photos!)
"Sheen was very professional taking our engagement photos. He went out early to the location to scoop out the surroundings and brought props for us to use! As well as giving us great ideas and directions on poses! We had a great time during our shoot and are very happy with the photos!"
- Lisa and Jerry | May 2016 (see their photos!)