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I Love Nature and Adventure

I Seek Dramatic Lighting and Moody Tones

I Capture Raw Emotions and Stories

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Like you and your fiance(e), Michael and I recently got engaged earlier this year! Now in the midst of planning our wedding, and having photographed so many weddings myself, I completely understand how planning for your big day can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time! If you're like me, you probably worry about whether your guests will have fun, whether the vendors will show up on time, will it rain? You will, at some point, also worry about how to "naturally" pose for photos and wonder if you're smiling "correctly." These are only some of the things that, like you, make me nervous about my wedding day. 

For these reasons, I make it my ultimate goal to make your wedding day as carefree as possible for you and your fiance(e). The more relaxed you are, the more fantastic your wedding photographs will be! As your photographer, I will be the one that will worry about how flattering the light is on you, where your photos will be taken, and how comfortable and genuine you look. For you, I will capture the tears and the laughter; I will document your first kiss and your killer dance moves! I will do a coffee-run if it means you and your fiance(e) will have the energy to create amazing images of your magical day. I will be your biggest advocate. 

If you are someone who values the importance of photography in telling your journey, of which your wedding day is a milestone, get in touch with me! I am excited to work with you to tell your love story.